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Sharon DerrySharon Derry
As a teacher and researcher I’ve long been interested in developing and studying social learning environments that use technology in innovative ways to motivate students and enhance their learning experiences. Much of my recent writing has focused on how video technology and the Internet are transforming research and teaching in the learning sciences. So I am delighted to be working with Carolyn Maher and her colleagues to help develop and study learning environments that use Video Mosaic to enhance educators’ critical thinking about mathematics and mathematics learning. In addition to helping other schools and colleges design interventions that use VM and its collection for teacher education, I am excited to be using the VM collection to support my teaching and research in online courses in critical thinking for educators here at UW-Madison. I am also an aspiring jazz pianist with a researcher’s interest in the process of learning jazz improvisation. My other passions include road biking and Nordic skiing.

Alan HackbarthAlan Hackbarth
I have twenty years of experience in public school education – ten as a high school mathematics teacher and ten as a middle school principal. While serving as a principal I was also a school district technology coordinator and consultant for eight years. Currently I am completing my PhD in Educational Psychology-Learning Sciences.

I am interested how elementary certified teachers of middle school mathematics make sense of the mathematics they teach, for example what strategies they develop to teach algebraic thinking and how those strategies emerge in authentic settings. My current work involves exploring the use of a workflow approach to collecting data online about instructional interventions at remote sites. I will be evolving and validating the online data collection approach by examining the difference between what the online tools capture about the learning environment as compared to using ethnographic methods to study classrooms. On my on time I enjoy travel, experimenting with new foods in the kitchen, and tinkering to figure out how stuff works.

Julia GressickJulia Gressick
I am a graduate student in the Learning Sciences area of Educational Psychology at University of Wisconsin- Madison. Before coming to Madison I studied mathematics and education at St. Norbert College where I became involved in instructional technology and online learning design. After graduating, I taught middle school math in Newport, Rhode Island where my interest in technology and learning combined with a growing interest in understanding how students learn collaboratively. Based on these experiences, my current research centers on how students learn in online collaborative environments. I am currently researching how small groups self organize and applying discourse analysis methodologies to further understand online group dynamics and group cognition. In my free time I enjoy running, kayaking, travel, and live music.


Past Staff

Brendan EaganBrendan Eagan
I completed my Master's degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the area of Learning Sciences in 2010. One of my research interests is exploring the role of video in research, education and teacher professional development. I am specifically interested in the design of video as a tool for learning and teaching and what ways these tools can create new learning opportunities. I am also interested in how people learn in online environments, particularly in the areas of mathematics and second language acquisition.

I did my undergraduate work at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, graduating with degrees in Mathematics and Asian Studies. Outside of graduate work, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, biking, cooking, photography, and the outdoors.